Changing Lives Through Mobile

Innovation in Emerging Markets

Thursday, June 19th, 2014 • 9:30am-5:00pm • United Nations New York

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Keynote Speaker

photo color croppedRan Makavy

Director of Product Management, Facebook

Panel Highlight

The Mobile-Only Generation

Youth remain out of jobs because their skills do not match the qualifications of the positions available in the market. This panel will discuss some of the key mobile services that encourage skill-building to place youth in the workforce.

Panel Highlight

SmartCities for Tomorrow

This panel hosted by the City of Barcelona explains the expansion of the “smartcity” concept into emerging markets and how this enhances development and social impact through the usage of ICTs and mobile devices.


9:00AM Coffee and Registration
9:30 Opening Remarks:
  • Louise M. Guido, CEO, ChangeCorp
  • International Telecommunication Union
9:45 Setting the Mobile Stage
10:15 Spotlight: The SmartWoman Project
Louise Guido, CEO, ChangeCorp
10:30 Panel 1: The Mobile-Only Generation: Building Skills for Youth
Moderator: Lauren Dawes, Head of Mobiles for Employment, GSMA
11:15 Coffee Break
11:30 Panel 2: Mobile and Women for Development
Moderator: Chris Burns, Senior Advisor and Team Lead for Mobile Access, USAID
12:15PM Lunch Break
1:00 Keynote Speaker
Ran Makavy, Director of Product Manager, Facebook
1:15 Panel 3: SmartCities for Tomorrow
Manel Sanroma, CIO, Barcelona City Council
2:00 ITU: Mobiles for Midwives
Gary Fowlie, Head, Liaison Office to the United Nations, International Telecommunication Union, Strategy and Policy Unit
2:15 Spotlight: TDB
2:30 Coffee Break
2:45 Panel 4: Mobile Money for the Unbanked
Speaker TBD
3:45 Spotlight: World Reader 
Speaker TBD
4:00 Closing Remarks

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